Averlon (Trident Cove Book 1)

Curious about where Averlon (Trident Cove Book 1) is ordered in the series? Want to know when it’s scheduled to come out? We’ve compiled all the information on Averlon (Trident Cove Book 1) below.

Averlon (Trident Cove Book 1) Release Date

Averlon (Trident Cove Book 1)

Averlon (Trident Cove Book 1)

Averlon (Trident Cove Book 1) releases on June 30, 2023

What Is Averlon (Trident Cove Book 1) About?


Slave to a feared pirate captain, Faolan MacGumerait dreams of escape. Fate answers his plea in the form of a handsome mer prince.

Pleasure slave Faolan MacGumerait longs for freedom from the infamous pirate, Captain Vincent Deverell. When the ship’s fishing nets catch two mermen, he’s determined to set them free. If he can’t find freedom for himself, he will ensure they return to the sea.

Averlon, crown prince of the merpeople, knows his fated mate is aboard that ship. His plan to retrieve him? Get caught, grab his mate, and fight his way back into the ocean. But Faolan is human and afraid of his master’s wrath. So when the captain demands Averlon and his bodyguard retrieve a sunken treasure in exchange for their freedom, Averlon agrees, if only to give himself time to plot their escape from the obvious trap.

Will Averlon and Faolan escape the dangers of their journey and start a new life together? Find out in Averlon, a heart-pounding, captivating gay romance. Don’t miss this tale of love, adventure, and the lengths two men will go to save the one they love. Buy now!

Averlon is the first book in the mm fantasy series Trident Cove, but it does not need to be read in order to enjoy the series.


Spoiled princes grow up real fast when their mates are in danger, Averlon promises to be a good boy, he is not a good boy, Revyn is grumpy because his best friend is not a good boy, Faolan is too shy for his own good until he finds a hottie, hottie happens to be a fishman, fishmen sure are pretty, wait there are no female mermen?, how do they make babies?, Faolan learns that practicing making babies is fun, too bad they’re stuck on a pirate ship, they should maybe remedy that


Averlon (Trident Cove Book 1) releases on June 30, 2023

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