Hatchet Island (Mike Bowditch #13)

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Hatchet Island (Mike Bowditch #13) Release Date

Hatchet Island (Mike Bowditch #13)

Hatchet Island (Mike Bowditch #13)

Hatchet Island (Mike Bowditch #13) releases on June 28, 2022

What Is Hatchet Island (Mike Bowditch #13) About?


The eerie, windswept Hatchet Island off the coast of Maine becomes the site of a double murder and a disappearance in this thriller from bestselling author Paul Doiron.

A call for help from a former colleague leads Maine game warden investigator Mike Bowditch and his girlfriend Stacey Stevens on a sea kayaking trip to a research station far off the coast. Stacey spent summers interning on the island, a sanctuary for endangered seabirds, and they are shocked by the atmosphere of tension they encounter when they come ashore. The biologists are being threatened and stalked by a mysterious boatman who they suspect is trespassing on the refuge late at night. And now the sanctuary’s enigmatic founder, whose mind has been slowly unraveling, has gone missing.

Camped on an islet for the night, Mike and Stacey waken to the sound of a gunshot. When they return to the refuge at dawn, their darkest fears are confirmed: two of the three researchers have been brutally murdered and the third has disappeared, along with the island skiff. Mike’s quest to find the missing man leads to a nearby island owned by a world-renowned photographer and his equally brilliant wife. The inhabitants of this private kingdom quickly close ranks, and Mike increasingly comes to believe that someone in the village knows more about the killings than they dare admit.

With no one to trust and miles from shore, Mike Bowditch must stop a ruthless murderer determined to make sure a terrifying secret never sees the light of day.


Hatchet Island (Mike Bowditch #13) releases on June 28, 2022

Hatchet Island (Mike Bowditch #13) is Book 13 in the Mike Bowditch Series by Paul Doiron.

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