Hidden Court (Underworld Bride Trials #4)

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Hidden Court (Underworld Bride Trials #4) Release Date

Hidden Court (Underworld Bride Trials #4)

Hidden Court (Underworld Bride Trials #4) releases on February 10, 2022

What Is Hidden Court (Underworld Bride Trials #4) About?


Loki and I are worlds apart.

The Ice God is rewriting my memory, my desire, and my very soul. When he’s done, I won’t be Tessa Morrigan.

I hold no illusion that my mate will come for me. He doesn’t even know I’ve been torn from him, and he’s now with an impostor.

I’m being replaced and forgotten.

When hope dies, a flame sparks to life within me.

I’m doing everything in my power to hide my unborn son, but he’s more than eager to show me that he has enough magic to protect his mommy and tear apart the immortal enemy who has caged us.

The final installment in the bestselling Underworld Bride Trials series.


Hidden Court (Underworld Bride Trials #4) releases on February 10, 2022

Hidden Court (Underworld Bride Trials #4) is Book 4 in the Underworld Bride Trials Series by Meg Xuemei X.

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