Katt Loves Dogg

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Katt Loves Dogg Release Date

Katt Loves Dogg

Katt Loves Dogg releases on December 13, 2021

What Is Katt Loves Dogg About?


In this funny and paw-some story, lifelong rivals Molly and Oscar are forced to team up and brave the great outdoors and help their families before it’s too late.

Wilderness adventurers and expert trackers Molly the katt and Oscar the dogg go camping with their families: parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles. One big reunion! It would be fun if there weren’t so many rules to follow at the campsite. ATTENTION KATTS AND DOGGS: No crossing the border, or you’ll be asked to leave the Eastern Wilderness Reserve. If you’re still alive.

Molly and Oscar must outsmart the rule-makers when they discover that their katt and dogg cousins have run away together—for reasons only Molly and Oscar will understand. Now the clever pair must find and warn their cousins before all four of them are in need of a serious rescue mission.


Katt Loves Dogg releases on December 13, 2021

Katt Loves Dogg is Book 2 in the Katt vs. Dogg Series by James Patterson.

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